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After the huge succes of Diynamic festival 2017 and of course the most recent ADE showcase, the Diynamic family returns to Amsterdam for the sixth Diynamic Festival in 2018. On Friday May 25th we're back at the Amsterdamse Bos, a beautiful forest where last year's unforgettable edition also took place.


Lockers will be present at the festival terrain to safely stow away any belongings. A limited amount of lockers will be available in pre-sale. When they are sold out online, don’t worry, you can still buy a locker on the day of the festival. If you leave the festival, but forget some items visit for more information.


Make sure you have cash money with you. Payment by debit card is limited.


It is allowed to bring sunscreen but only in a small bottle and without spray head.


If there’s anything you would like to let us know about our event or the location Amsterdamse Bos on the day itself, please send a mail to