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Zero Tolerance Drugs Policy

Diynamic Festival maintains a zero tolerance policy on drugs. Diynamic’s events are drugs free! It is forbidden to use or posses any drugs on the event. When the organization spots or confirms any infringements, the offender can be handed over to the police. It is forbidden to trade drugs on the events of Diynamic Festival. When the delinquent is being caught he/she will be transferred over to the police.

Admission Ticket

Access to the event site can only be provided if you are in possession of a valid ticket. Valid tickets can be obtained via the official Tix Box and RA websites. Once purchased, tickets can not be returned. The organization strongly recommends not to buy any tickets trough a third party selling point.  After leaving the festival grounds, the right of access to the event site expires. Stamps or other methods will not be used to identify previous accessed visitors. Any evidence of irregularities such as, but not limited to, (attempted) use of (false) admission tickets and wristbands fraud is reported to the police.

At the request of a security staff member you should be able to identify yourself. If you do not have valid credentials you will be denied access without right to refund of the entry fee. Valid identification means a passport, Turkish identity card or Turkish driving license. Copies thereof will not be accepted.

Access Control
Every visitor that enters the festival grounds will be controlled by a security employee. It is allowed to request if the search can be undertaken by an employee of the same sex. This control is set to all visitors, guests, employees and artists in order to protect the general safety on the event.

Follow Signs and Instructions.
Directions and instructions of the (security) personnel must be followed.

Under The Influence
It is prohibited to enter the event area under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. When noticed, you will be denied access, without right to ticket refund.

It is forbidden to enter the festival grounds with the following products or materials:

Soft drugs, hard drugs, foods, (alcoholic) drinks, glassware, (plastic) bottles, cans, flags, sticks, umbrellas, walking sticks (medical crutches and tools except), pets, banners, objects with discriminatory and/or provocative lyrics and/or utterances, battle-, cross-, fire-or shot weapons or other objects that could be used as a weapon, objects which the safety, health or well-being of the visitors may affect negatively, aerosol sprays, atomizers, fireworks, flares, transport, professional video, video / photo recording drones, audio, recording and photo equipment (does not include digital compact cameras and mobile phones with camera function.

When in doubt contact Diynamic Festival Istanbul. info@dboistanbul.com

Use of Medications
The use of medication is allowed when the medication is based on medical grounds. The user shall in all cases need to have a signed statement by a doctor to show the organization. In addition to the written statement, identification with an ID or Passport is also needed.

Trade and Sales
It is prohibited to sell or trade any merchandise or products at the event area and parking areas without the consent of the organization.

It is not allowed to enter a toilet cabin with multiple persons. Urinating outside the designated facilities is prohibited. Offenders will be removed from the festival area and handed over to the police.

Objects and Structures
It is forbidden to climb stages, tents, trees, buildings, fences or other objects. It is also not allowed to take any objects/structures from the festival area.

Video, Photo and Sound Recordings
Everyone that enters the event area gives permissions to be filmed, photographed and sound recorded. The organization uses the pictures and recordings for promotional purposes.

Parking / bicycle storage
Cars must be parked in the designated parking places. If you fail to do so you risk your vehicle to be removed. Instructions of the traffic supervisors should always be followed.

Sound Levels
Loud Music will be produced at the event area. The organization is not liable for any adverse consequences that may occur. The organization recommends using earplugs or occasionally visiting some of the quiet areas to give your ears some rest.

The program is subject to change. When specific acts are cancelled, there can be no refund of entrance fees or other costs. The organization will always attempt to find a replacement of the same quality level with a similar music style.

It is prohibited to smoke at indoor areas.

Swimming is allowed between 12:00 till 18:00. It is not allowed to throw garbage into the water.

Own Risk Policy
Entry of the event area is at your own risk. Diynamic Festival, Diynamic and/or Subfloor or any third party workers who are employed for the organization cannot be held liable for any injury and/or damage to property or intangible damage caused by visitors of the location.

Other relevant situations
In situations where the rules do not apply, the organization will decide on the measures to be taken. The decision of the organization in this respect is binding.